State Titles Recap

Hi Guys

So anyone that follows me on social media would be aware of how I went at the State titles. Taking a silver in my weight class and a bronze in my open. As I have said before its not about gold for me when I compete in Jiu Jitsu, of course it is a nice feeling to have the hand raised at the end of my match, however I am a realist and I am fully aware that is not always going to happen. The test of stepping onto the mat is where I get the real joy and believe me this comp was a test.


In my matches at the State titles I learnt so much about Jiu Jitsu and finally have an understanding of why it helps and what it means to slow down. I came out of the gates at full speed and tried to maintain it going for submission after submission. Where my opponents sat back and waited for their opportunities, whether that was to pass, sweep, mount it didn’t matter everything they done was calculated and timed to what felt like near perfection. My game has been in my opinion very heavily submission focused which didn’t help me on the weekend. I was outclassed by superior opponents. IMG_6576

I look forward to getting back onto the mats after my time back up at work and focusing on my positional and transitional areas of my game, gaining, holding and if necessary reclaiming dominant positions throughout rolls rather then working for submissions all of the time.


Another thing that happened at this competition was my daughter Elise took first place in her division. Winning both of her matches on points. She never ceases to amaze me does Elise, if she sets her mind to something then you best believe she is going to do anything within her power to achieve it. Her drive and determination at such a young age is a great thing to see, and an excellent trait for someone so young to have, it is starting to show through in her little sister also who just wants to do everything that Elise is doing. Both Nicky and I are so proud of our little princesses and although I can definitely wait for them to grow up, I look forward to seeing the young ladies they will develop into as time goes on. IMG_6587IMG_6572

I have mentioned in the past that my wife has started to train, I finally got a picture of her in her GI training in the garage. Not the best picture and if you do not see another post from me you could probably presume I am dead. 🙂
IMG_6489      IMG_6588

Thanks for reading

Until next time (Maybe)




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