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WHAT A RIDE (A 3 month update)


Holy Shit….. It’s been only 3 months since my first blog entry. So much has happened not only since my first session on the mats almost a year ago but since starting the blog. I honestly don’t know where to start it has been an absolute whirlwind and I can’t believe how fast time has gone. In the past 3 months I have met so many people through the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Those of you who have been following my journey would have seen the Free Rollers events that I have been arranging here in Perth. After the first event and its positive feedback I have decided to put a little more time into arranging more for the future. I still aim to hold an outdoor open mat once every 2 months, but the initial idea of being able to move around from location to location has been put on hold until I can do a couple of things, get a trailer and get more mats. This may take a little time as I will need to save a little bit of money to be able to purchase this gear. I have also had plenty of ideas to shoot from Free Rollers and look forward to sharing these with you as they start to develop rest assured I aim to keep things fresh. One thing is very certain; I am excited with the endless possibilities that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has already been able to provide me.


I would like to thank a couple of people in particular, my wife for having the patience with me as I have thrown myself 110% in to my Jiu Jitsu journey which has now become my families Journey, one I couldn’t be happier to be on with them. The other person I would like to thank is Jo, my coach. When I first came up with the idea I consulted no one and off I went, by the time I stopped and had a think about it, it was too late to pull out, I had gone past the point of no return, however as with a lot I have done in the past I had reached the point of self-doubt. Here I was a person who had been training 4 months and I was arranging an open mat for the entire Western Australian community to be a part off. Who was I to be doing this? How were people going to see me? I had a chat to Jo one night about all of my doubts and she re assured me that what I was doing was a positive thing and that she was behind it 110% although as with everything you do in life there is going to be doubters, don’t worry about those people just embrace the positives. Taking in this advice I proceeded with the first event and well the rest is history. You can read about the first event here. https://myjourneythroughbjj.wordpress.com/2015/05/02/free-rollers-perth/


The first Free Rollers event drew attention not just here in Perth but across Australia and also on the International level. I received support from Christian Graugart of BJJ Globetrotters, I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of giveaways for the day which were well received by the people who turned up in support. The event was covered in BJJ Legends magazine, which in turn led me to land a position writing for this dedicated online BJJ publication. My blog has developed a truly global following being seen across ¾ of the world.


This is far more then I could have imagined, my blog and Free Rollers now has the continuing support of the BJJ Globetrotters, Meerkatsu, Connection Rio BJJ Hostel and the official sponsorship deal that was struck between Free Rollers & Break Apparel. I was not only lucky enough to secure a sponsorship for Free Rollers but also a personal Sponsorship for myself. I look forward to a great relationship with Mike and the entire Break team as this quality brand continues to expand its reach and becomes a powerhouse in the BJJ & Surf clothing arena.


I have had a little bit of time to think about my journey and where I want Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to take me, however I have come to the conclusion that for myself the best journeys in my life have been the ones that are unplanned, so continuing in that spirit I will continue to train, compete where and whenever I can, I will continue to arrange Free Roller events and all in all I will just take the brakes off let go of the wheel and see where I end up. Remembering the most fun is had on the journey not at the destination.

As for the coming weeks I will be competing at the 2015 WA State Titles GI, once again I have no perceived outcomes for the day except to go in have an absolute ball doing something that I truly do love, I look forward to meeting more people on the day, I look forward to seeing some quality Jiu Jitsu and as always I look forward to watching my daughters compete. After the State titles I would like to aim at competing at my first IBJJF competition in the Melbourne Open.

That’s it for today`s update, thank you for your support, I look forward to continuing my journey with you all and sharing whatever is around the corner. You can also follow my journey at the following links.




Until next time.



Hard to Explain

Its hard to explain Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to someone who has never trained, competed or even been to an event. The feelings and raw emotion that one goes through, the feeling of being stripped back of all securities that a person has and uses to shield the inner self from the outside world. I have found that being on the mat has shown me never to judge a person on how they look, how they portray themselves or whether they are a confident or a shy person. As soon as a person steps on to the mat, puts on a Gi or walks into the gym, something about them changes. For me personally no matter what has been happening in the hours leading up to this, everything is forgotten and for the time I am on the mat my mind is clear, I am free and for that time I am Jiu Jitsu.

Last weekend I experienced for the first time the nerves, the excitement, and strangely enough the calmness of competition Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu is an Individual effort on comp day, however its what goes on behind the scenes that make Jiu Jitsu a true team sport. In my team I have my coaches, Aaron & Jo, who`s knowledge and passion for the sport shines through in everything they do. They are there to guide us, correct us and most importantly mentor us through every step of our journeys. I have my wife and my children who provide constant support, understanding and encouragement(and excellent training partners). I have my team mates who are there to assist me as I am them with fine tuning of our techniques and execution of our game plans. I once heard a saying that relates to my team mates. “You can be a good bloke and not be a good training partner, However if you are a Good training partner you are being a good bloke”. I have the extended team from other gyms who because of affiliations will always be on the side of the mat cheering you on, no matter if you have met them personally or not. I was asked the other day who and what is Gemina? Gemina is not just my gym but is a part of my extended family.

I know for someone reading this it may seem like I have been practicing for my entire life, the truth is I am VERY new to the art and the lifestyle, I have been training for just on 6 months but in that 6 months Jiu Jitsu has taught me many valuable lessons that I hope one day I will be able to pass on to others. When I first started writing this blog it was simply about documenting for my own purposes what was happening, how I was progressing and the experiences that I was having along the way, having seen how many people have read and enjoyed reading from literally all corners of the globe it shows me the reach of social media and provides me with an avenue to speak with like minded individuals, if this is something that speaks to you and you haven’t done so already I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take a look at http://www.bjjglobetrotters.com and take a read of Christians book, it provides a great insight into the worldwide community that has no language barriers as everyone who is a part of it no matter what race or religion speaks the same language. The Language of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

If anyone ever makes it to Australia or more specifically Western Australia, please look me up, but until that time I look forward to continuing to share my journey with each and everyone of you.

Please if you enjoy reading this share it around…
Until next time.